IN MEMORY OF HAYDUT - BANDIT /  Born: 1992 - Died: 28th June, 2005     


" Dear Haydut,

Thank you very much for all  the 13 years that you gave us a lot of fun, happiness and love . We will never forget you and always will miss you. You did not die, only flew to another World where we will all be together and happy one day. Please do not be afraid to sleep alone and please feel Aysen and Izzet are not so far from you"

Aysen & Izzet - 28th June 2005

Hello, my name is Bandit ( or Haydut in Turkish). I'm a little " Fischer's Lovebird ", just 10 cm height , around 100 gr.

I'm 13 years old ( born in 1992) and I live with my flock members Aysen & Izzet in Istanbul.

My favourite meal is millet, but I like chocolates and deserts as well.  I love to dismantle Izzet's computer keys, hide them somewhere at home. My other pleasure is to bit, chew and destroy his favourite cards, left on the table unprotected.

I think, I'm the first pet in the World who has a private phonecard with his picture.



Special thanks to Lattelekom which given me that opportunity to have a phonecard mine own.



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